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My name is Orçun İnam and I am from TURKEY.In the summer of 2007 I went to USA with WAT program(Work And Travel—a student program that allow foreign students to work inUSA,CANADA.IRELAND..etc).Since I am not a citizen of USA,tha USA goverment refunds my taxes which were reduced from my salary when ı was working.One needs to apply for a tax refund company to get tax refund and unfortunately I have applied to TAXBACK company.The terrifying story now begins....

If you visit the taxback website (www.taxback.com/Our_Service.asp) ,you will see some falsehoods.A list describes the lies of taxback company and the things I lived related to this lies is given below;1. Maximum legal refunds:It is totally a lie and *** because any of the tax refund companies provides the same amount of tax refund,it is not related to tax refund company it is realated to tax laws of tha country which you have worked.2. Document Retrieval Service:They claim that they work carefully on your tax refund documents !!! They wanted the same documents from me several times.Do you know why? Because probably they lost them.I did not have a choice so I sent them the same documents several times and I gave information about this manner to them and nobody replied my e-mails.3. 24/7 Tax Advice: This is true they give 24/7 tax advice with online chat.However,there is a problem with the connection so you can not talk to the adviser.I do not know this is their fault or not because I don’t know the technical details,but as a result you can not talk.3. No Language Barriers:This is true but the problem is that you can not talk or mail to the adviser in your own mother language because you can not reach them.Usually you can not reach anybody...4. Money sent worldwide and in your local currency: This is true for most countries,but if you read the details you will see that it is not valid for TURKEY.Moreover,nobody says you at the beginning that it is not valid for my country,TURKEY.5. One Step Taxes:As I said before,they claim that they send the forms you need automatically when you register online,but I sent them several times.6. End-to-End Service:They advise to leave everything up to us.What does it mean?? It is an advirtisement lie,all of the companies related to tax refunds do the same things.I can only send the forms online because I am in TURKEY.Unfortunately,it is not true again because when I left everything up to them,I saw that nobody cares about me,nobody answers my e-mails and when they answer they say ‘Do you know how many people we have to work for their tax refunds?’.I can not believe that really.Even in any developing country nobody ignores you like that.7. Free E-Zine Subscribtion:It is true,they give information when they enter new things on your online account at taxback.com.

There are some other incredible things I lived.These are given below as a list.

1. You know as I said before they do not reply my e-mails so I think something to overcome it.I send them e-mail (to several officers of taxback) severel times(maybe 30-40 times).In this e-mail I said that I would complain about their ignorance and swindlings to USA Ministry of Justice,USA Ministry of Commerce and any headquarter related to taxback,and moreover I said that I will be in USA one year later for Master’s Program in an American university and when I will be there we will deal with in a law court.They immediately sent me a lot of mails!!! And moreover,an officer that speaks Turkish called me!!!! I colud not believe that this is really revolting.They have ignored me for several months but when I talked them about the US Ministries and the law court they returned someone who looks shamefaced.However,they did not neglect to say ‘We are too busy,we work for a lot of students from a lot of country’.2. In my personal account page on taxback.com it writes ‘called/not avaliable’.It is again a technical problem or a lie,but I believe that it is a lie because they called me in my mobile phone as I said before.(an officer who speaks Turkish).I asked her about why nobody answers my e-mails,why I can not still take my tax refund(my friends who applied with me at the same time to other companies have received their tax refunds at one bank transfer!!-I have received the first part of my Money and I am waiting the second part,It means two International Bank Transfer form y tax refund and it means that two International Bank Transfer fee is reduced form my tax recund Money !!!!!).Then,she said ‘I do not know the details,it is the work of an another officer’.I do not claim her,maybe she is right about this I claim all of the officers which I have connect in taxback company(especially Galie Valie-my account manager).But she should not said ‘We are too busy,we work for a lot of students’ tax refunds....etc.3. The problems I have said up to now may be forgiven,but I can not forgive their ignorance about me.Nobody talks to me,nobody replies my e- Mails,nobody counts me as a customer!!! Probably,I will be in USA in a year for education and I will do a lot things about their ignorance and swindling.I said they are swindlers because of the a lot of reason I have mentioned above.

Please do something about ths situation because I can not do anything in TURKEY.I could not reach the headquarters of Taxback company,maybe you could.Please tell them about everythnig and please tell everybody(-especially students who will probably work with taxback company-) about the lies of taxback.The officers of taxback company really needs to be corrected,Their behaviour is really disgusting.I feel very very bad that I have trusted them for my tax refund operations,I should not have trusted them.Please help me about this situation,at least help me for announcing of this problems.

Kind Regards

NOTE:Sorry for my English,I am stil learning.

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Did you get any portion of your taxes back?


i have used taxback .com they are scrab never used this shity company lies just lies tks

London, England, United Kingdom #648500

all you need to do is fill a form from the tax office no need to use these *** company! I made the mistake to apply through taxback had the same pb as anyone else except i managed to claim the taxes myself when i realised how easy it was!!!

the tax office refunded me 510 euros and taxback wanted to give me less than 150 euros and that was not the final amount!!! what a rip off

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand #639998

I was about to sign up, but then decided that I'd rather not. The women I was dealing with sent me an email saying that if I did not apply in 6 months, I would face tax credits on my account. But, that's illegal since I didn't actually sign anything, right?

Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France #598885


I'm little bit afraid when I read all yours messages. I worked the last summer during 3 months in North Wales in UK, I was set there by my french agency.

It was my worst work ever, even if I met so nice people! Anyway, my agency told me that I can ask taxback.com when I will finish my job, in order to have more informations about my tax refund. So I have created an account on their website, and until this no problem. They were calling me all the time to say me that they can help me if I don't received my P45...

That I have to send all the documents as soon as posible... etc So, I sent them my p45 and all my informations, and they have wrote me an email where it was written that they will take 50£ for them (I didn't know until this that it was not a free service) and I was supposed to receive 152,3£ but today I look on my bank account and I have received 132,3£!! What a big surprise!!!

I wrote them an email, so I'm waiting for a response. But when I see all yours messages I think that I will never receive this 20£...

London, England, United Kingdom #594258

I used taxback.com to claim back my Australian superannuation fund, I sent all my forms and signed personal ID documents back to them in July 2012, my application was lodged with my super fund according to them on 1 August 2012, its now 16th January 2013 and I have no super refund which is a substantial amount due to me. Through the past 6 months I have been in constant email and telephone contact with taxback.com whom gave me a due date of 1st December 2012.

They have today emailed me to inform that they have lost my signed ID documentation and my application was never sent to recruitment super!

I did not get an apology just told I had to resubmit my application again. This is appalling - DO NOT USE TAXBACK.COM.

to Chloe Hunn London, England, United Kingdom #648503



I was doing my taxes with them and i should say it's a great company. You can just ignore the fact that the people doing your taxes are Bulgarians-they know exactly what to do.

I received everything I was owed. I would definitely recommend this service!

to smile #592519

you probably work for them, otherwise u wouldn't be so "satisfied"

to lier u are #604621

nope, i'm not working with them, i used them back in 2008 to claim my US tax refund. :-))) :grin

to smile Jacksonville, Florida, United States #592520

They are the worst fraud company ever! They take more than return.

U end up paying out of your pocket for that 'tax return'. Its better not to return anything at all. SCAM. STALKERS.

AND LIERS. I hope they are reading it right now. Im not the only one who had misfortune to work with them. I hope all who work there end up being scammed by company like theirs!

Never ever use their help, they are terrible. :(

to smile London, England, United Kingdom #648506


to smile #843778

If people who do my taxes are Bulgarians, It's good to know that I should avoid doing any business with them. I'm from Thailand.

I experienced the same problem using Taxback.

This company was referred from CETUSA (a sponsor for my Training / Internship program). I thought Taxback is a good company, but it's not.


I thought I was the only one having trouble with taxback, but with this website I realised this company is totally fooling us. Back from the USA, Taxback told me they owed me money and once I had signed all of the documents, they said that now I owe them money...

Whatever!!! I've been ignoring them for about 2 years now and I they totally stopped harassing me.


Stay clear. Applied for TAX back in February and still waiting. They said I'd have it in July.

to Gerry London, England, United Kingdom #648514

You can get your taxes from inland revenue directly within 3 weeks !!! just go to inland revenue website!!

nothing easier!! it is unbelievable that this company is making money because people do not know how to claim their taxes back!!!


Glad I read this forum before do anything else with this "company". These guys from taxback.com called me 2 times , asking me to join theirs services.

But in a first moment I refused. But Yesterday I started to fill some forms and creat a login user at this web site. But When I entered and met their chat ( live helping).. I felt a little weird, and the services that are offered, a few suspected.

I asked the operator about costs, prices and time ( How long the process are ...), But , I felt that , they were so much " agressive", I mean, everytime asking me about my personal details, contacts, files, pay checks . So I told them, that I'd go come back later.

But, It was just to search at foruns and websites about the services and claims against this company. Glad I could see all this statements.

Really, Thanks a lot !!


I totally agree with you! Do NOT deal with this company, it's a Bulgarian Fraud that wants to steal your money.

From having 250$ in tax returns u end up getting 45$, they charge you fees that u never even heard about. They call you days and nights and speak with a horrible accents!

They never sent me my tax return back, ignored me for a months when I was trying to reach them and then started stalking me when they needed their fee paid. Fee for what??

none of the job was done. My lawyer says its a fraud b*llshit


hi can some one tell me how i can my tax back form au pls and the tax file no coz i lost it


Could agree more with all these comments! DO NOT USE TAXBACK.COM.

They have no idea about the taxation laws, I went from getting a $600 refund to being told that I owed the IRS money however everytime I asked how this occured nobody could answer me. It was esculated to a manager when I thought I would finally get some answers but how wrong I was.

Definitely not worth the last 6 weeks of frustration and pain they have caused, do yourself a favour pay a real professional to file your tax return for you. Repeat, do not engage in any buiness with taxback.com!!!

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